The Lodge Crest

The Lodge crest was designed by WBro Paul HOOLEY and it seeks to bring Freemasonry and Shotokan Karate together emblematically with the square and compasses overlaying the stylised tiger symbolising strength and courage, painted by the great Japanese artist Hoan Kosugi to honour Master Funakoshi, which, together with the red background, is the universally recognised symbol of Shotokan Karate.

Likewise the two great pillars bear the celestial and terrestrial globes signifying the universality of Freemasonry and the worldwide spread of karate as well as its higher meanings. From the margin that carries the Lodge title and number flows a karate belt tied in a reef knot, also known as the square knot, which as a figure ‘8’ on its side becomes the symbol of infinity.

The belt is shown in black the highest level to which all students aspire. Behind the tie of the belt is a square representing a freemasons apron shown in the colour of purity to further represent the first stages in both art and craft – the Entered Apprentice’s white apron and the karate beginner’s white belt – the first award at the first ceremony through which every Freemason and every Karate student must pass in their Masonic career and / or their journey along ‘The Way’.
© Paul Hooley 2001 – 2004

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