• WBro Ian BATES for presenting the VSL in memory of his dear father Wilfred Thomas BATES.
  • WBro Robert Eric Michael RANDALL LGR for presenting the poignard in black scabbard.
  • WBro Jim WOOD PPSGD(Berks) for making and presenting the the gavels and heavy maul.
  • Bro Anthony Paul KIRBY for making a very generous contribution towards the cost of printing the consecration booklet.
  • WBro David R BOSTON PAGDC for presenting the Master’s apron.
  • WBro’s Alan David GARNER, Robert VENN and Bro Michael BILLMAN for each presenting a collar and jewel of office.
  • WBro Paul James HOOLEY PAGDC, PPSGW(Beds), LGR for the design of the Lodge crest and the preparation of the Consecration booklet. His tremendous help, advice and support are greatly appreciated.
  • WBro John Lawrence GREEN for his sterling work as organising secretary.
  • The members of the former Coronation Lodge No. 5703 for allowing us to acquire their regalia and artefacts.
  • WBro Michael STAYT SLGR for the warrant case and for his advice, help and encouragement in the formation of the Lodge.
  • The Worshipful Master and Brethren of the Unity and Prudence Lodge No. 4156 for sponsoring the new Lodge and for presenting a square and compass in a fitted case.
  • The Chairman, Directors and staff at London Management for all their help and support.
  • The members of the Steering Committee -WBrosRobert Eric Michael RANDALLLester Douglas WELLINGTONLawrence David KLEINJeffrey SLONEEM PGStBJohn Lawrence GREEN andBroAnthony Paul KIRBY
  • The late WBro Norman BLOOMFIELD LGR who was instrumental in the formation of the Lodge. He will be sadly missed but never forgotten.

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