Stuart Dubois

On the 8th October 2016 Stuart Dubois was initiated into the Shotokan Karate lodgewas passed on 11th February 2017and raised 14th October 2018. Brother Stuart is currently Junior Deacon and enjoys the challenge of presenting sections of the ceremonies, including the Working Tools, the Charge to the Initiate and the extended version of the Second-degree Tracing board.  

Stuart has trained in Shotokan Karate on and off (mainly off) since 1992 when he started at Wolverhampton University Karate Club. He worked his way up through the grades to Green Belt (6th Kyu) in 1994, and can be seen here competing against London University 

After a break of a few years, Stuart re-started training at Strathclyde University Karate Club in 1998 where he re-took his Green Belt grading, and then progressed up to Brown Belt (3rd Kyu) in 2000.  

After another longer break, Stuart re-started at Kings Cross Shotokan Karate Club in 2011, where he started right back at White Belt again, before progressing quickly back up to his third Green Belt (6th Kyu) once again.  

Stuart hopes to take his Green Belt grading for a fourth time when he runs out of excuses not to start training again. 

Stuart has a Japanese wife and two young daughters, both of whom he will take to a Karate Dojo as soon as they are old enough. Stuart is currently learning Japanese language in an attempt to discover what his family is really saying about him. 

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