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The Shotokan Karate Lodge No. 9752 was consecrated on 15th October 2002. Since then 23 candidates have been initiated. They hail from the Channel Islands, Cyprus, Dubai, Brazil, Lebanon, Barbados, Portugal, Slovakia, and USA and from all parts of the UK. The Lodge became a Founding Lodge of Metropolitan Grand Lodge and a Patron of Royal Masonic of Trust for Girls and Boys. More recently on the 13 February 2010 V.W. Bro. Richard Regan Metropolitan Assistant Grand Master presented the Lodge with the Metropolitan Grand Master’s Silver Award London Appeal for the Royal Masonic Benevolent Institution.

Relief is foremost in the minds of every Lodge member – not only monetary giving but in also the giving of time and effort.

Relief is foremost in the minds of every Lodge member – not only monetary giving but in also the giving of time and effort.

Generous donations have been given by a member who completed marathons in aid of Prostate Cancer Research and Crisis run for the homeless, whilst another member ran a 1/2 marathon in Bath to raise money for the National Osteoporosis Society and is running again in aid of “Help for Heroes” – a charity for whom the same member and two other members raised £13,000 which was presented on the 21 October 2009 in the presence of Royal Marine Commanding officer Colonel Hughes.

Assistant Metropolitan Grand Master VWBro Richard Regan, Worshipful Master WBro Tony Kirby and Honorary Member VWBro Keith Kirby

Other donations have been given to Woodfield Special Needs School, Moorfields International Children’™s Hospital, Sue Ryder St. John’s Hospice in Bedford, Keech Cottage Children’s Hospice in Luton, National Association for Colitis and Crohn’s disease, Cystic Fibrosis, Macmillan Nurses, Garden Home Hospice of Letchworth, Arthritis Research Campaign and NSPCC.

Lodge members also raised substantial amounts of money to help Mr. Matt King a young man who was paralysed from the neck down after an accident whilst playing rugby. He overcame his disability to become a lawyer for a top city firm.

Presentation of the Certificate

The Lodge is currently raising funds to help a lady karate student who suffered a stroke during training and who is presently at the Royal Free Hospital undergoing treatment. Fellow karate students pay her regular visits.

Another Lodge member is organising a charity karate course on the 20th March 2010 to help a family of a member whose wife has terminal cancer and needs to raise £30,000 to fund a trip to a specialist treatment centre in Mexico.

Members and guests of the Shotokan Karate Lodge 13th February 2010

Voluntary work is undertaken by several members. One has been a Patients Governor of Moorfields Eye Hospital for the last 6 years and has helped to introduce Grand Charity to the hospital which resulted in the giving by London Masons of over £300,000 for the building of the Children’s Hospital at Moorfields. (Recently the Grand Charity awarded a grant of £250,000 to Moorfields Eye Hospital to support a research programme that will further develop new anti-scarring therapies). He arranges annual talks by a Moorfields Eye consultant open to the general public free of charge. The same member is Secretary and Trustee of CHAMPS (Carlton House Association of Motivated Patients) another registered charity regularly supported by the Lodge, and is also the Vice Chairman of UKEMP (UK Ethnic Minority Partnership). Another member devotes over 1000 hours each year to St. John’s Ambulance. This work includes many visits to schools to teach first aid to children or to assist teachers to do so. He also devotes to the Scouts Association around 1200-1400 hours per annum and is a Trustee of the local Muswell Hill Community Centre.

The majority of the members are high graded karate instructors who run their own clubs and associations. They train adults and juniors not only the art of karate, fitness regimes and how to defend themselves but also the discipline and the etiquette that is a requisite of becoming a good karate student and a law abiding citizen. One member received an MBE for services to Karate. Another member is a on the committee of Heart Throbs (a cardiac support group) and runs their website. He is also on the committee of the London branch of the Cartophilic Society of GB and Treasurer/ Secretary of the Conservative Party Southgate Green ward. Unfortunately last year 9752’s sponsoring Lodge (Unity and Prudence Lodge No. 4156) surrendered its warrant. However Shotokan Karate Lodge adopted U&P’s five widows who will benefit from regular contact by the SKL Almoner. This Lodge can be described as a young and vibrant and as having made great contributions to the welfare of members in our community.

If you wish further information please contact the Lodge Secretary by using the form on the Contact Us page

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